Epshita Chatterjee Arts | Artist Bio
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About me

Artist | Photographer | Naturalist | Pantheist

Epshita Chatterjee is a self taught artist and illustrator with a desire to represent Indian flora and fauna, landscapes and culture on an artist’s canvas for the purpose of immortalization of our living heritage from a naturalist’s point of view. A molecular biologist by training she has briefly forayed into Art inspired by her interest in natural history and conservation.

The series of artworks on Indian birds showcased here is her endeavor to pay tribute to the colorful gems of nature and make them part of our environment consciousness. This process essentially unites her love for bird photography with her passion for creating artworks inspired by the avian world.

At present artworks are focused on distinct flora and fauna of the Himalayas and the bio-diverse Western Ghats. Epshita takes inspiration from her field trips to National Parks, Bird sanctuaries and Nature reserves in the country and beyond. Follow her blog to tune in to her experiences.

Epshita works with various mediums including acrylic colors on canvas, watercolor on paper, sketches in graphite pencil, ink , charcoal, tinted charcoal and color pencils on art paper.

Artworks can be commissioned with the artist to cater to the individual requirements of the buyer / art enthusiast.

6, Gangadhar Chetty Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore

(+91) 98308 91289